Savour the Sweetest Moments in your Life with our Assorted Donuts

Barnetts Bakery is here to spread the love with a little extra indulgence. Life will be sweeter with donuts in the mix of things. We take pride in baking fresh and drool-worthy donuts for our revered customers. We are a multi-generational and family-owned business. 

You can shop for a massive range of home-baked items from our store. At Barnetts Bakery, we believe that happiness is a hazelnut donut or maybe a cinnamon donut in each hand. Here at Barnetts Bakery, we strive to provide real yeast raised donuts.

What sets our bakery apart is the ability to use fresh ingredients for making donuts. Visit our store today and taste the freshness and variety of our donuts. 


Treat your Tastebuds to Hot and Fresh Donuts in Australia

At Barnetts Bakery, donuts are one of our specialities. As one of the finest bakeries in Australia, we continuously innovate to introduce new flavours and experiences. From gluten-free pies to fresh donuts, you can count on our expertise for the ultimate experience. 

 Donuts with iced chocolate are the ideal way to try one of our varieties and flavours. You can rely on our specialised concoctions to savour the sweetest moments of your life. 

Factors that make us the Best Bakery in Australia

At Barnetts Bakery, we strive to provide our clients with the ultimate experience in trying the sweeter things in life. Here are some factors that make us one of the finest bakeries in Australia. 

  • Donuts 

Donuts, I’m not talking about those cake batter greasy things you see at some places. No, I’m talking about big fluffy yeast raised donuts cooked fresh every day at Barnetts Bakery. Cinnamon, Chocolate, Strawberry, Jam filled, Hazelnut nougat filled and sometimes Lemon Curd, Caramel or even Tiramisu. With care and the use of quality ingredients, we endeavour to produce the best of what a donut can be. We tell stories through our ever-evolving menu of new flavours. Order a strawberry iced donut exclusively from our store today. Only problem is I wish everybody could try one fresh out of the fryer in the morning, very dangerous indeed, almost addictive!!!!

  • More Flexibility while ordering 

 Visit us online and select a wide variety of donuts ideal for any occasion and pick up in store.

  • Vibes you can rely on 

Barnetts Bakery always strives to create a welcoming space for the community to share. We have woven ourselves into the day to day comings and goings of Crescent Head Village. A big part of our responsibility lies in positively impacting those around us. 

Barnetts Bakery is more than just a Donut Shop 

Barnetts Bakery is more than just a Bakery on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia. For the last five decades, we have been delivering happiness with every bite. Explore our versatile menu that has everything to complement the special moments of your life. 

Unbelievable Donuts and Coffee 

At Barnetts Bakery, we believe that creating a connection with every sip of coffee and devouring a freshly cooked donut should be an everyday treat. You can rely on our broad coffee menu to get you going seven days a week. 

Innovation at the Core of our Operations 

Innovation is always at the core of our family operations. Donuts have been one of the daily staples on offer at Barnetts Bakery since we first opened in Crescent Head and are one of our most popular treats. We are always looking to keep pace with the changing preferences of our loyal customers. 

Our Social Impact 

Bettering and providing a reliable service to the communities within which we operate is at the core of our business mission. From raising awareness to contributing to significant causes, we strive to create a community and environment we can be proud of. 

Every Donut made at Barnetts Bakery has a Unique Story

We pride ourselves on our commitment to producing the best eating experience. Each product has a unique storyline at our store. Apart from the donuts in flavours like Vanilla bean Custard, Hazelnut, Jam, Kitchener with fresh Cream and Jam, Caramel, Strawberry or Chocolate iced with Sprinkles. We bake everything with a passion that shines through our products. 

Order our signature donuts today by visiting us.

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