It’s Time to Savour Your Precious Moments With Barnetts Bakery

Enjoy a quiet moment with a delicious muffin, made the old fashioned wayby hand and freshly baked with love and dedication. Pick your favourites – from double chocolate chip muffins to apple and cinnamon mixed berries and carrot with cream cheese icing. Indulge in a burst of flavours and aromas!

Someone once said, “Happiness is a freshly baked muffin.” Nothing stimulates our senses more than the rich aroma of freshly baked muffins – perfect to begin your mornings, celebrate special occasions or even tone down your Monday blues.

And when it comes to lip-smacking muffins, nothing seems close to those made with love at Barnetts Bakery. We are your local village bakery that has been sharingthe best moments with you with fresh baked muffins, savouries and other baked delicacies. Each piece is made from scratch – byhand, and using market-fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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Our Story

From humble beginnings in Crescent Head, Barnetts Bakery has grown to be one of the most iconic bakeries in New South Wales. We do not just offer perfect textures and unparalleled flavours – we deliver happiness with every treat we create. Yes; for us, baking is an art and you are our best patrons. And we have been striving to perfect our baking our recipes since 1934.

We have been a recipe for success for over 50 years, promising to deliver happiness with every bite. Explore our extensive menu that covers everything from freshly baked biscuits to bread and rolls, sponge cakes, pastries, doughnuts, custom cakes, pies, quiches, sandwiches, tea cakes, wraps, sourdough and one of our favourites – muffins.

Barnetts Bakery – The Ultimate Destination for Muffins So Delightful!

At Barnetts Bakery, muffins are one of our specialities. The recipes are original while we continuously innovate to bring new flavours and experiences to our patrons. Indulge in the exotic aroma of our Double Chocolate Chip muffins that melt in your mouth as you experience the goodness of chocolate chips with every bite. The double dose of chocolatey flavour will translate you to another world! Perfect for your kids’ birthday celebrations, to begin your morning or simply to pamper yourself.

Another of our top-selling productsis the Apple Cinnamon Crumble muffins. The buttery and sweet cinnamon crumb topping with plenty of juicy apples inside is great forsnack time or desserts.Enjoy this incredibly soft, light and moist muffin as your bite into sweet applein each mouthful.

Taking our artistry in baking muffins to the next level, we present to our patrons Mixed Berry & White Chocolate muffins. These delicious muffins have an exotic combination of sweet little bursts of mixed berries and white chocolate chips throughout. These delectable treats are perfect if you love any excuses to indulge in white chocolate. Loaded with mixed berries, these fluffy mouth-watering gems are sheer heaven for your taste buds.

Love carrots? Then you’ll fall in love with our moist, soft and fluffy carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Our Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing muffins are made from scratch using real grated carrots and topped with the best cream cheese icing. Another speciality is our Lemon Curd muffins. Dig into the tangy & sweet surprise of lemon curd in the middle while it is soft & moist outside.

Trust us; these muffins might become your new favourites this season!

Recommended by Gourmet Lovers, Loved By Locals!

So, what makes Barnetts Bakery stand out in the crowd? Is it the finest-quality ingredients we use? Our specially-curated recipes? Or the extra time, dedication and love we give to the baking process? We vouch for it all!

Our warm and welcoming ambience, combined with carefully-baked delicacies and savouries, make us a favourite among visitors and locals alike.

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Barnetts sourdough was a labour of love over a two month period during a busy Christmas holiday season 20 odd years ago to grow a culture strong enough to produce a loaf of bread and it has been treated with love and care every day,7 days a week 365 days a year being fed three times a day ever since. A labour of love indeed.

Vanilla Slice

Two sheets of deliciously flaky puff pastry with velvety smooth creamy custardy filling squished between them and topped with a zingy sweet passionfruit fondant topping. What else is there to say!!!!!!


All of our pie fillings and pastry is made in house at Barnetts Bakery, always has been and always will be. The secret to a good pie firstly is the buttery short eating, but firm pie bottom pastry, with a combination of quality ingredients and flours we are off to a good start. Next comes the fillings, all made in house of course from recipes developed over the years, fresh lean beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables. Then to top it off you need the light flaky puff pastry lid, layered to perfection to keep all the yummy goodness sealed inside, baked off in our specially designed pie oven that has been cooking our pies to perfection for more than 20 years. A pie worth wrapping your lips around for sure.


Donuts, I’m not talking about those cake batter greasy things you see at some places. No, I’m talking about big fluffy yeast raised donuts cooked fresh every day at Barnetts Bakery. Cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry, jam filled, hazelnut nougat filled and sometimes lemon curd, caramel or even Tiramisu. Only problem is I wish everybody could try one fresh out of the fryer in the morning, very dangerous indeed, almost addictive!!!!

Barnetts Bakery