Barnett’s Bakery- The Best Place for Peace, Love and Whole Grain Sourdoughs

Fermentation is one of the oldest ways of processing and preserving food. But as our consumption habits underwent changes, these traditional food manufacturing methods lost their appeal. Nowadays, we tend to favour faster and more convenient options while making food items.
At Barnett’s Bakery, we want to bring the focus back to fermentation. We aim to create a range of sourdough loaves processed by natural fermentation methods. What sets us apart is that we use ingredients sourced directly from the producers.

Our main motto is to bring you honest, healthy and good food in a socially responsible manner. At Barnett’s Bakery, our Rye Sourdough bread is popular among health-conscious individuals. We ensure that our range sourdough bread undergoes 48-hour fermentation to ensure our sourdough has the full flavour and eating experience that a natural fermentation time dough should have.

Being experienced bakers in New South Wales, we ensure to follow a unique preparation process. This particular preparation process ensures a full flavoured loaf created from the only way authentic sourdough can be produced without any shortcuts or additives, TIME…………. Without time it’s just not the same. If you’re tired of regular breads, try our range of sourdough today. 

As a highly respected bakery in Australia, we create moments with our baked items. To know more about our specialities, contact us today.


Sample the Flavours of Sourdough at Barnetts Bakery

If you are looking for sourdough containing organic and fresh-milled grains in Australia, we’ve got you covered. Apart from its myriad health benefits, sourdough bread will leave you with a unique taste and aroma. From the crispy crust and open texture, our sourdoughs are one of a kind in Australia.

We have been baking sourdoughs with our 25 year old mother for the last two and a half decades, and you can rely on our expertise. We rely on the finest and simple ingredients that bring celebration into each and every day. Apart from sourdoughs, we are the market leader in baking donuts, pies, muffins, etc. Are you eager to taste our Kibbled Rye & Carraway Sourdough? You can visit us today or place orders online right from your home or phone.

Start your Day’s Proceedings with our Power Packed Sourdoughs

Compared to other bread varieties, the fermentation process of sourdoughs is different. And at Barnett’s Bakery, we take utmost care during the fermentation process involving our sourdough. We ferment sourdoughs in a way that ensures they are full flavoured. If you crave a healthy alternative to the standard white bread, try our traditional time dough sourdough today.

Savour the Taste of Parmesan and Olive Sourdough Bread with Nutty Parmesan Cheese 

The parmesan and Olive sourdough bread with nutty parmesan cheese and Kalamata Olives has been a customer favourite over the years. The best part about this speciality is the combination of Salty olives and the nutty sweet parmesan cheese. Perfect to dip into Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar to finish the entire loaf. So, visit Barnett’s Bakery today and experience the heavenly delight of Kalamata Olive & Parmesan sourdoughs. 


Making a Positive Difference with Baking

At Barnett’s Bakery, we’re actively making a difference with our unique baking methods and individually sourced flours and grains. From making fig and walnut sourdoughs to white sourdoughs, you can count on our expertise.

Since our inception, we don’t use any type of artificial preservative. To maintain the highest quality standards, we bake items from scratch with finest ingredients. Fig Apricot and Walnut sourdough bread at our bakery is one the most popular baked items in store. Here are some of the unique traits of our sourdough bread.

  • Low in gluten 
  • Extensive fermentation process 
  • Low glycaemic index 
  • Available online

To get the best of our Fig Apricot walnut & mixed spice sourdough, visit Barnett’s Bakery today.


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