Vanilla Slice

Barnetts Bakery- Your Best Destination for A selection of Slices and Heavenly Vanilla Slice.

A bakery champion, a quintessential purchase alongside a meat pie, the vanilla slice at Barnett’s Bakery is an Australian icon. Affectionately referred to as a “snot block” in some circles, Our Vanilla slices are the best. 

Vanilla slices available at Barnett’s Bakery feature extra thick Creamy custard in the middle of two layers of crisp golden Puff Pastry. The vanilla slices are then iced with a sweet zingy Passionfruit Fondant on the top to excite your taste buds. The simplicity of the vanilla slice is the primary reason that makes perfection so difficult to achieve with this Aussie classic. 

When tasted, our vanilla slices reveal custard with a creamy smooth texture and a balance of vanilla taste. Our slices feature crisp and crunchy pastry topped with smooth Passion fruit flavours. If you are looking for a delectable vanilla slice Australian style, visit Barnett’s Bakery at the earliest.  


A Simple Dessert that can be an Absolute Stunner

Vanilla slices at Barnett’s Bakery are one of those desserts that can complement any occasion. This dessert is about two things. A thick layer of creamy vanilla custard sandwiched between two buttery pastry layers. Vanilla slices at our bakery are the classic dessert that never goes out of style, and has never tasted sooooo good. 

The timeless combination of the three primary components makes our vanilla slices the absolute bomb. Here are the three major components of our vanilla slices that make them unique in Australia. 

  • Ultra-light pastry 
  • Flavoursome and smooth custard 
  • Glossy and sweet icing

Indulge in the Thick and Creamy Vanilla Slices at Barnett’s Bakery

At Barnett’s Bakery, we have been creating delectable vanilla slices since our inception. Our primary objective is to offer you honest, and good food from quality ingredients in a socially responsible manner. For most Australians, vanilla slices are a favourite from their childhood to adulthood.  

We are always striving to perfect our baking techniques and our pursuit of the best vanilla slice is no different. Are you craving to get a taste of delectable vanilla slices? Visit us to know more about our savoury vanilla slices. 

Indulge in Delicacies at Barnett’s Bakery 

Snacking on delectable baked items will never be out of fashion. Barnett’s Bakery has a large collection of baked items well worth the visit. We only use the freshest ingredients to make custard for our vanilla slices. As experienced bakers in New South Wales, we always strive to follow a unique preparation process. 

This unique preparation process enables us to make the best vanilla slice in Australia. In life, we need stimulation of our tastes and emotions. Vanilla slices at Barnett’s Bakery are an assault on your taste buds. 

A vanilla slice at our bakery will always make you feel good. Being a top bakery in Australia, we create lasting moments with our freshly baked items. To find out about our sweet and delectable specialties, contact us today.

Creating Memories with you, with bakery treats and Vanilla Slices.

If you are searching for the best bakery vanilla slice, don’t go past Barnett’s Bakery. The name is unassuming, but the vanilla slice is an iconic dessert in Australia. From a thick vanilla custard filling to the icing, we take care of every aspect of this unique delicacy. 

From humble beginnings in Crescent Head, we are able to evolve as one of the most iconic bakeries in New South Wales. We don’t just bake the perfect vanilla slices; our experienced bakers help you create moments with our huge variety of food for you to try. To savour our signature vanilla slices, visit our store today. You can even place orders from our online store.        

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