Taste the extensive range for all Kinds of occasions at Barnetts Bakery

All over Australia, there are many options for the great aussie pie. And at Barnetts Bakery, we manufacture the best pies on the coast. Whether you’re seeking a classic beef mince pie or want to take a family size pie to your home, we’ve you covered with a large range of delicious flavours.

Pies are a comfort food year-round, and there is something so perfect about enjoying a pie or two. Maybe it’s the onset of a cold winter’s day or a holiday tradition; pies are versatile whatever the occasion. Barnetts Bakery is a Crescent Head tradition when on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

We make our pies from top to bottom in house from the soft but firm base to the many different fillings to the buttery flaky puff pastry lid. What makes us popular is the impressive list of varieties and the quality of our decadent pies. Flavours like the Chunkie Steak & Cracked Pepper pies, Beef Chilli Cheese, Mexicana with Corn Chips and of course you cannot forget the Cheese Burger pie just to name a few. Be sure to try the unique offerings at Barnetts Bakery. Order the best pies in Australia from our store today. 


Treat yourself to the Deliciousness of our Pies

Whichever pie you choose, a pie ticks all the boxes for wholesome comfort food. A Barnetts Bakery Pie is one of the most versatile food items that you can savour anytime and anywhere, a true Australian icon that can link a time to a place to a taste to a memory.

Happiness lies in a warm Pie

At Barnetts Bakery, we always serve pies made fresh daily right from the oven. We always make a wide variety of pies for our loyal customers and our expert bakers always enjoy turning quality ingredients from our handpicked suppliers into quality pies.  


All of our pie fillings and pastry is made in house at Barnetts Bakery, always has been and always will be. The secret to a good pie firstly is the buttery short eating, but firm pie bottom pastry, with a combination of quality ingredients and flours we are off to a good start. Next comes the fillings, all made in house of course from recipes developed over the years, fresh lean beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables. Then to top it off you need the light flaky puff pastry lid, layered to perfection to keep all the yummy goodness sealed inside, baked off in our specially designed pie oven that has been cooking our pies to perfection for more than 20 years. A pie worth wrapping your lips around for sure.

Dedication and Passion are the Cornerstones of our Pie Making Process

The satisfaction you get from eating a pie is also felt by our bakers when they are working hard in the wee hours of the morning producing pies with their highly skilled craftsmanship, it comes from the heart of the baker. For us, it is not possible to bake a pie without care and passion. If you are craving a delicious pie, we welcome you to our store. 

 Barnetts Bakery is an ideal spot to relax and try new flavours of pies with your friends or family. Visit us today to experience the best of pies in Australia.  

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