Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry

This is a recipe that my father Frank Barnett used many years ago and we still use today for layering our Danish pastry. Just choose a style you like and fillings that you like. Delicious.


650 grams plain flour.
50 grams castor sugar.
15 grams salt.
10 grams dry yeast.
175 mls cold water.
150 mls cold milk.
2 eggs.


Mix for 15 minutes in KitchenAid mixed with dough hook attachment or similar mixer. Can also mix by hand but will take approximately 20 minutes of kneading by hand. Let finished dough rest in fridge in a bowl covered with cling wrap. After you remove your dough Add the 375 grams of your chilled butter and start your layering. Remember not to roll your pastry too thin until your final layer and keep the dough as cold as possible during your layering, feel free to return your pastry to the fridge between turns to keep the butter nice and cold to prevent smashing the layers.

Good Luck Budding Bakers.

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You can watch Adam make the Danish recipe on our youtube channel.




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