The Barnett family has maintained tradition in the bakery business since 1934, with five generations of the family at the head of the business, which had its brand consolidated in 1971, with the opening of the store in Bordertown South Australia. Barnetts Bakery has been a recipe for success for almost 50 years, winning more and more admirers with their current location in Crescent Head New South Wales becoming an icon in the baking industry, either as a business model or in the launch of new tasty products to stock their shop with.

Modern facilities and time honoured production methods, Barnetts Bakery today has experienced and qualified professionals to provide excellent customer service and very high-quality products, above all, very delicious. The artisanal production of bread, cakes, pies and sweets is developed following a strict quality standard, based on exclusive recipes, prepared by Adam and Frank Barnett, always seeking a level of excellence in each of these products, including the many varieties pies which are one of the bestsellers, ranging from Beef Cheese and Bacon to Lamb and Rosemary to Curry Veg or even Butter Chicken. In 2018 Barnetts Bakery went on to win the BEST PIE on the Mid North Coast as voted by you the customer, it is an award that we are very proud of because it reflects the opinions of our valued customers. Tradition and constant improvement will always be the trademark of this company.

Most of the products that are sold in Barnetts Bakery have come from recipes that either Adam or Frank Barnett have come up with over the years in their endeavour to find products that they themselves love to eat and hopefully customers will love to eat also. One such recipe would be the Sourdough that was originally started during a busy holiday period 20 years ago from natural yeast captured from the skin of grapes. After a couple of months of feeding and caring for the sourdough culture Barnetts Bakery started producing their own authentic sourdough bread and to this day it is still the original sourdough starter that is used every morning. Much more than providing unparalleled flavours, we aim to be part of the best moments of people’s lives. We want to express, through our products, all the gratitude we feel when a customer chooses some of our delights to be part of their day. We believe that every moment is an unprecedented encounter we have in life. It is a unique opportunity to live an unforgettable moment. Therefore, our real commitment is to our customer’s happiness.

Every bit of Barnetts Bakery carries the responsibility to show the affection and love with which we serve you. Every day we serve thousands of customers who trust Barnetts Bakery and approve of our services and products.

Barnetts Bakery